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Let’s Talk podcast is here! Welcome to our new podcast, Let’s Talk. This inspiring monthly podcast is hosted by Alexander Kucherenko, Okens Domains’ Business Development Manager. Alexander joins industry movers and shakers who share their insights on iGaming, marketing and affiliate publishing. Our first episode features Kirk Miller, Head of Casino for Pure ROI, in the […]

Get ready to search for expired domains There is a lot going on in the digital world. Between dodging cyber criminals, domain name hijackers, and those pesky cybersquatters, we know that your plate is full. We also know that you want to maximize your domains and get the domains you want, even the expired ones. […]

In our latest Three Minutes With, Martins Tanne, Co-founder of Serpa Media Group, spoke with Jennifer Kite-Powell, Head of Content at Okens Domains, to talk about how the company helps iGaming operators break boundaries, the importance of community building between operators and regulators, iGaming threats and the value of transparency they get with Okens Domains. […]

At its core, a domain name is a string of characters that serves as a human-readable alias for an IP address. It provides a user-friendly way to access resources on the internet. For instance, the domain name corresponds to the IP address where the associated web server is hosted. More casually, think of a […]

Your domain defines your brand. It’s like any other asset a company would invest in, manage and protect. Affiliates and operators face a deluge of new technologies [Web3 and AI], privacy threats, and an ever-expanding global marketplace. Your online brand is at risk without a strategy to protect and value that asset.  Operators and affiliates […]

You may have been reading a lot about cybersquatting in the news recently. And that is because you are.  Cybersquatting has been on the rise in the first quarter of 2024. Some of the most recent cybersquatting cases prove there are winners and losers, but the one thing they have in common is how easy […]