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Three Minutes With – Martins Tanne, Co-founder, Serpa Media Group

In our latest Three Minutes With, Martins Tanne, Co-founder of Serpa Media Group, spoke with Jennifer Kite-Powell, Head of Content at Okens Domains, to talk about how the company helps iGaming operators break boundaries, the importance of community building between operators and regulators, iGaming threats and the value of transparency they get with Okens Domains. […]

Here’s How You Treat Your Domain As A Strategic Asset

Your domain defines your brand. It’s like any other asset a company would invest in, manage and protect. Affiliates and operators face a deluge of new technologies [Web3 and AI], privacy threats, and an ever-expanding global marketplace. Your online brand is at risk without a strategy to protect and value that asset.  Operators and affiliates […]

Seven Questions To Ask Before You Launch Your Brand

Are you ready to launch your brand? Hold on! Before you take the plunge, make sure you’re prepared. You don’t want to miss any crucial points that could make or break your brand’s success. So ask yourself these seven questions before you leap, and let’s go!   Have you checked if the domain is available? […]

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