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Ready to defend your digital territory? Even in the most difficult countries anywhere in the world, to defend your territory, you need a domain provider who values discretion, privacy and digital freedom for your business.

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Okens Domains is an established global domain registration company serving more than 100 countries. As one of Europe's largest global igaming registrars, Okens protects your brand's digital territory, online identity and business continuity with worldwide domain registration services, gap analysis strategy and global domain portfolio protection.

With a dedicated account management team, brands can mitigate their digital domain risk with customized gap analysis and a digital strategy that helps you secure the best domain for your brand and keeps your brand in business. Built for large and small B2B to B2C brands, Okens Domains offers new registration of .casino and .games domains, among many others.

Greta Norkute-Simanauskiene

Greta Norkute-Simanauskiene

Sales Executive | Okens Domains

+34 951242377 (Ext 8459) greta.simanauskiene@okens.domains

Alexander Kucherenko

Alexander Kucherenko

Business Development Manager | Okens Domains

+380 66 732 15 35 | live:dd6d3ba4cd01458 alexander.kucherenko@okens.domains

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