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Amplify your online security and protection

Okens offers market-leading privacy protection and advanced WHOIS protection data safeguard with local presence.

Our service in compliance with local regulations


A reliable and fully compliant service

Our service is provided in compliance with the relevant global regulations and has been developed in cooperation with legal partners for each country – all to guarantee a service that leads to successful domain name registration, every time.

Global approach, local presence

The vast majority of countries have a requirement for businesses and private individuals to register domain name extensions as TLD, i.e. .com, .de, or .uk, among others.

TLD requires the physical presence of a domain name’s administrator in the country of registration. This requirement leads to other inconveniences, for example, trademark registration in the country of interest such as Norway, Brazil, and Canada.

Over 100 countries
Our service network allows us
to register domain names in over 100 countries worldwide
Privacy protection
We protect your privacy to help keep your business safe
Easy expansion
We’ll ensure that your business satisfies all demands in the registration of foreign domains

Operate securely worldwide

Our global approach and local presence enables your business to securely reach multiple markets across the world.
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