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Your secure online identity starts here


Your secure online identity starts here

It all begins with your domain name. It’s your brand's crucial online touchpoint. If you have one 4or a dozen, your domain names are your brand and your reputation. Domain names are the foundation of your secure online identity and they create your digital territory.


Coverage without compromise


As one of the largest domain name registrars for iGaming in Europe, Okens Domains offers new registration of .casino and .games domains, among many others.

Our extensive understanding of all regulations means we can help you

register your domain name at a price that suits your requirements.


Control Panel

Our Control Panel tool makes it easier than ever to manage your domain names and view key information at a glance.

Worldwide coverage

We can offer you TLDs such as COM, NET, ORG, NU, DE, NL, FR, IT, AT, SE, NO, FI, DK, CA, BR, BE, CH and more.

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