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3 minutes with Okens business development director,

Three Minutes With Hendrikus van Katwijk

Welcome to our Three Minutes With. From igaming to affiliate publishing, we talk to movers and shakers breaking boundaries and blazing new trails. Brand Legends‘ Chief Operating Officer (COO) Hendrikus van Katwijk took three minutes to speak with Oken’s content director, Jennifer Kite-Powell, about the importance of search visibility for your brand and the most […]

create a custom domain like a rockstar
So, you want to make a custom domain like Will.i.am? Here are four ways to do it like a pro.

The multi-talented Black-Eyed Peas singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer, Will.i.am, has created more than a brand with this name; it’s also a domain. For Will.i.am, his global brand represents who he is and what he does, and his domain is that brand’s digital heart and soul.

3 minutes with Okens business development director,
Three minutes with Alexander Kucherenko, Business Development, Okens Domains

Welcome to our new Three Minutes With series where we talk with movers and shakers in our industry. From igaming to affiliate publishing, we talk to the people out there who are breaking boundaries and blazing new trails. Okens Content Director, Jennifer Kite-Powell talked to Alexander about how sees his role at Okens – hint: […]

protect your brand
Three easy steps to protect your brand

Registering a domain used to be more straightforward. There is more to consider than just registering your company or product domain name, especially in igaming and affiliate publishing.

Brand identity
Brand protection, yes, it’s a thing

Your brand is a valuable asset that you as a company have invested a lot of energy and money into building it. That is why it is important that you protect it.

Domain Renewal
If you don’t renew, someone else will

You know the story. You want a domain. You buy a domain. Just pull out your credit card, and €60 later, you have a global domain. Done. You’re up and running. Your site looks great. Visitors are click, click, clicking. Everyone is happy and time marches on. Then, one morning things turn for the worse. […]

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