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Okens 339 Views, the multi-talented Black-Eyed Peas artist, has not only created a brand with his name but also a domain that represents his identity and what he stands for. His success inspires us to learn from his experience and follow in his footsteps. Here are four amazing tips to do it like a pro and create a successful brand.

You don’t have to be to create a custom domain that represents your brand, but you do need to create a secure and private domain that ensures your online brand’s protection. And it’s more important than ever because registered domain names are growing exponentially. As of June 2022, there were 351.5 million domain names registered globally.

Are you ready for this mind-blowing news? That is a 9.8 million increase from Q4 2021. By 2026, global domain names will reach 557.7, around one new domain every 2.61 seconds. According to the Fortune Business Insight report, the online gambling market reached $66.72 B in 2020 and is projected to grow to $158.20 B in 2028. There is no better time to create the right custom domain strategy for your digital domain dominance.

The internet is a pretty big and crowded space out there, so if you create a custom domain, be sure it matches your company vision. Here are four tips on creating a custom domain as brand-powered as‘s domain with Okens Domains.

  1. Make it catchy. Your company name doesn’t have to be your domain name; a catchy phrase related to your name can make it more memorable. A smoked turkey shop created a catchy domain name and used to remind people to visit instead of the company name Greenburg Smoked Turkey.
  2. Make it a call to action. Instead of, Elon may have tried a call to action: or Or look at watchmaker TAG Heuer with their call to action domain name: Heuer).
  3. Add a modifier. A modifier word extends your brand name to help you find an available domain name and still allow your customers to find you online. The company S’well used to create its domain.
  4. Short and sweet. Three-letter domain names are clever. They are short, memorable, and can also be used as acronyms; no wonder they are all taken, but that doesn’t mean shorter domain names can’t do the trick. Short domains can also serve your brand; you just have to think out of the box.

Want to make your confidential, private custom domain? Get in touch with Okens today.

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