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3 minutes with Okens business development director,

Three Minutes With Hendrikus van Katwijk

Welcome to our Three Minutes With. From igaming to affiliate publishing, we talk to movers and shakers breaking boundaries and blazing new trails. Brand Legends‘ Chief Operating Officer (COO) Hendrikus van Katwijk took three minutes to speak with Oken’s content director, Jennifer Kite-Powell, about the importance of search visibility for your brand and the most significant tech shifts that are affecting SEO today and in the future. 


3 minutes with Okens business development director,

Three minutes with Alexander Kucherenko, Business Development, Okens Domains

Welcome to our new Three Minutes With series where we talk with movers and shakers in our industry. From igaming to affiliate publishing, we talk to the people out there who are breaking boundaries and blazing new trails. Okens Content Director, Jennifer Kite-Powell talked to Alexander about how sees his role at Okens – hint: it’s about education and guidance.


Domain Renewal

If you don’t renew, someone else will

You know the story. You want a domain. You buy a domain. Just pull out your credit card, and €60 later, you have a global domain. Done. You’re up and running. Your site looks great. Visitors are click, click, clicking. Everyone is happy and time marches on. Then, one morning things turn for the worse. Your domain is being used by another company. All your traffic is going to a new site, and your customers are finding themselves on a site that has no relationship to your brand and is so far from your product offering you’re bordering on massive revenue loss. What happened? Your domain expired and someone else took it. 


Welcome to our blog, OI

Okens Domains is not new to global domain registration and protection. We’re a leading igaming registrar, we operate in more than 100 countries and we give brands the power to operate their business discretely and securely online.

But what is new is our blog, OI – Okens Insights. We want to create a place to share the latest issues affecting domain registrations and protection. Let’s face it; it takes much more to register your domain than ever – you must protect it from hackers, thieves, and cyber squatters. Then there are the domain spoofers who like to mix up the letters in your domain so it mostly looks like your brand. You have to defend your digital territory more than ever today, and that’s why we created OI – Okens Insights to bring you the latest tips and news to help you get domain dominance.

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