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Apex Media With Simon Heller 

Simon Heller, Co-founder at Apex Media and Okens Domains client, sat down with Okens to discuss the power of SEO, why regulators need to work together, and how emerging technology is changing SEO.

Apex Media Ventures is an SEO firm that creates successful SEO campaigns for their clients to grow their company with organic traffic. Simon Heller co-founded the consultancy over a year ago and says that SEO is a strong marketing tool, if not the strongest. 

On The Power Of SEO

“The ultimate advantage of using SEO is that the client can save a large amount on ad spend as soon as their web presence performs in organic search results,” said Heller.

But Heller says that he thinks that SEO has become more difficult over the past several years and that the primary challenge is content. 

“Today’s content needs to be top-notch, and your link-building strategy must be on point,” said Heller. The biggest issue with Google is the sheer number of updates, which are scrambling the SERPs each time, making planning resources and strategy alignment very challenging.”

Regarding new technologies, Heller says that the company has been looking at the opportunities artificial intelligence (AI) can provide to their clients. 

“We’re not fans of completely AI-generated content, but it sure helps as a supplementary tool,” said Heller. “It also helps with project management and many other workflow issues which benefit our company and, in return, our clients as well.”

On Emerging Technologies And SEO

It’s been obvious to me and other people in the industry that Google was blindsided by the sudden emergence of AI content. Google had already become significantly stricter about indexing new content, but the sheer volume of content that webmasters can churn out with generative AI has created new challenges for search engines like Google.

The recent “aggressive” Google Updates made it obvious that Google is trying to adapt to the flood of (mostly low-quality) content into the SERPs. For example, high-authority sites have profited even more than they already did in updates in recent years because Google assumes these sites offer more trustworthy content naturally. This, in my opinion, is also the reason why we suddenly see a lot of foreign high-authority news sites like OutlookIndia in the top search results now – often with spammy or even misleading content, so this approach obviously is not ideal either.

Google seems generally overwhelmed by generative AI’s new possibilities, which will likely result in even more super volatile updates soon. As SEO experts, all we can do is deliver the highest-quality and user-friendly content possible that provides genuinely useful information and makes the appearance of pages visually appealing. This results in positive user signals, which I speculate might also become more important in upcoming updates.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that Google is NOT against AI-generated content in general. As long as it is helpful to the reader, it shouldn’t matter, and I don’t think it’s possible for any algorithm to differentiate a well-written AI article from a human-written one.

On Working With Okens

Apex Media hosts its domains on Okens and says that these are the domains on which its money site runs. 

Heller says Okens offers a lot of opportunities to protect their confidential information as well as their client’s information. client’s confidential information. 

“A big plus for us working with Okens always has been the personal communication,” said Heller.  “No matter if I have a technical issue, questions, or just want to transfer another domain to Okens, I can email them, and everything gets resolved ASAP.

Heller says this personal communication differentiates Okens from most other registrars who only offer the typical outsourced technical support. “Especially in SEO, you need to be able to sort out potential issues immediately without taking a hit on website rankings and, of course, conversion,” adds Heller.

“The value of a domain to our business is invaluable; the domain service and strategy we get from Okens gives us confidence that if something goes wrong out there, we know we are just one call away from resolving it and fast,” said Heller.

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