Day: 31 January 2024

IGB London

iGB Affiliate London Here We Come

As Willie Nelson sang, ‘I just can’t wait to get on the road again’ – and that is where we are – on the road to iGB Affiliate London and ICE. We have a lot to share with you before the show. Including why a domain gap analysis can help you save your brand now and down the road, the threat of increased reverse domain name registration, and what you can do about it to our new offering, Okens Brokerage Services.

We will discuss the points at iGB Affiliate London, stand #E51.

Brand Protection

Let’s talk about domains and online brand protection because they are ground zero for everything that matters to your business. Domain names are critical to building your business brand protection. We’ve said it before and will repeat it, but you can’t protect it if you don’t know where the gaps are in your domain strategy as you build or grow your brand. This is everything from a failsafe strategy for future growth to setting up your domain with automatic renewals.

Registering your domain seems obvious, but registering your name with alternate extensions like .net, .biz, or .org, along with their alternative spellings, can go a long way toward protecting your brand. Spelling alternatives mean you give your visitors a better chance to access your website if they make a mistake entering your domain name. It also prevents others from capitalizing on your brand name in all its forms.

We will offer a complimentary domain gap analysis at iGB Affiliate London. If you are serious about seeing where you are vulnerable with your new brand or your established business, come by stand #E51 and talk to us.

Cyber Criminals

Now, onto those cyber criminals who make things more challenging than they should be. In 2023, reverse domain name hijacking and cybersquatting were at an all-time high. Not good. Domain Name Wire reported that nearly one in five denied complaints was reverse domain name hijacking.

Since we’ve just started 2024, it is the perfect time to look at what you can do to prevent this costly crime from happening to you and your business. It all starts with knowing where your domain is or could be vulnerable. Maybe you don’t have time to check all the ways your domain name could be hijacked, but guess what? We do! And we will work with you to identify where it could all go wrong and prevent that from happening. It is easier to do it before you get started than to fix it later.

Brokerage Services

The fantastic news is that Okens Domains is pleased to announce a new offering – Okens Brokerage. This domain brokerage service will help you acquire that coveted domain you have always wanted.

It sounds fancy, but it is about being practical and sticking to what we do best — personal, customized 1:1 services for our customers that can help them value their domains and unused domains. We research for you and bring you the best options to unload or invest in domains. It’s that easy. 

Talk to Alexander Kucherenko at iGB stand #51 about our new Okens Brokerage services and how they can help you get the value back on your domain investments. 


Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash