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Here’s How You Treat Your Domain As A Strategic Asset

Your domain defines your brand. It’s like any other asset a company would invest in, manage and protect. Affiliates and operators face a deluge of new technologies [Web3 and AI], privacy threats, and an ever-expanding global marketplace. Your online brand is at risk without a strategy to protect and value that asset. 

Operators and affiliates face constant global challenges to protect their brands—from phishing to cybersquatting to domain name hijacking. Domain names play a fundamental role in the digital landscape. Millions of domain names are registered yearly, increasing the risk that those domains get into the wrong hands and pose prominent threats to brand owners and customers. Just like any asset, there are challenges and opportunities that have to be addressed, and your domain is no different. There is always a list of things you must do and things that aren’t mandatory, but the world would be easier if they were in place. 

Here are three things operators and affiliates should consider to reduce risk with their biggest online asset – their domain.

  • Losing domains versus having a plan
  • Check the best practices before engaging 
  • Create an analysis and action on your proactive defense 
  • Training and domain strategy + contingency plans
  • Scheduled billing and credit lines for domain renewal
  • Overspending versus smart spending
    • Proactive naming analysis and planning
    • Analyzing the portfolio, grading and ensuring there are no loose ends

    • Personal account management and tech support on the supplier side 
  • No security protocols versus security strategy
    • Create defensive domains
    • Mandatory multifactor authentication
    • Two-layer Whois


Alexander Kucherenko is the global Business Development Director for Okens Domains.  He helps his customers focus on the tools and products they need to secure their domains and protect their brand online. Alexander talks about the importance of understanding the gaps in an operator’s domain strategy that create unnecessary risk to the brand. He has an uncanny ability to find the heart of a problem for operators and how to solve it. He was featured in Three Minutes With an OI article, which tells you more about his personality and passion for protecting the customers’ most important digital asset – their domain.  Alexander can speak on domain strategy, brand protection, domain registration, domain privacy, igaming market, cybersquatting, Web3 technologies, and domain asset management.

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Don’t Let Your Domains Turn Into The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

👹 👻 It’s Halloween, and no one should have to face a Texas Chain Saw Massacre in their brand’s domain. Cyber or typosquatting is a real threat that every company must be prepared to face. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re safe from it. Horror stories can happen to anyone, even from something that happens closer to the beast – your own backyard.

Domain mistakes can damage your reputation and revenues. There might be 13 Halloween 🎃movies in the franchise, but here are six screams to watch out for when you register your domain. Give a call to avoid all these and survive another night.

1. Always proofread the domain name before you register or publicize it
2. Always research who else owns matching TLDs
3. Don’t publish your URL before you have registered a domain name
4. Don’t let your critical domain names expire
5. Be careful who you share your plans with
6. Always understand TLD restrictions

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Best Practices To Manage Domains

As a part of our OI blog best practice series, we bring you the first in a series of articles about ways you can manage your domain strategically and efficiently. Establishing a few best practices is a great way to ensure your domains aren’t hijacked, expired, or cyber squatted.

Here are three domain management practices that can help minimise domain risk and ensure domain dominance.

create a custom domain like a rockstar

So, You Want To Make A Custom Domain Like, the multi-talented Black-Eyed Peas artist, has not only created a brand with his name but also a domain that represents his identity and what he stands for. His success inspires us to learn from his experience and follow in his footsteps. Here are four amazing tips to do it like a pro and create a successful brand.