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Drop catching Domains

Drop-catching domains is a business threat, here’s how you can stop it

Every day, you read more and more about domain name scams or hijacked domains. We wrote about this in our August OI blog, If you don’t renew, someone else will and provided some easy steps you can take to defend your digital territory, but with domain name scams on the rise, we wanted to double-down on what’s happening out there and how you can protect your domain.


create a custom domain like a rockstar

So, You Want To Make A Custom Domain Like Will.i.am?

Will.i.am, the multi-talented Black-Eyed Peas artist, has not only created a brand with his name but also a domain that represents his identity and what he stands for. His success inspires us to learn from his experience and follow in his footsteps. Here are four amazing tips to do it like a pro and create a successful brand.