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Seven Questions To Ask Before You Launch Your Brand

Are you ready to launch your brand? Hold on! Before you take the plunge, make sure you’re prepared. You don’t want to miss any crucial points that could make or break your brand’s success. So ask yourself these seven questions before you leap, and let’s go!


    1. Have you checked if the domain is available? This may seem like a ‘duh’ question, but it is one of the biggest blockers when marketing decides to launch a brand. The domain name is overlooked, and when it comes time to take that brand live, the domain isn’t available or doesn’t match the brand. It creates brand inconsistency – If your brand voice isn’t consistent across every platform, it may affect your credibility.
    2. What countries do you need to target now and in the future? This is another way to limit your brand’s growth. Will you be in one country for five countries? Even if you don’t need those country domains when you launch, you are better off investing in them at launch so you don’t limit your brand’s growth down the road.
    3. Have you considered using a unique TLD for your website? Think about what Will.i.am did with his domain name – it’s his brand name—Will.i.am.) It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the options available and create a distinctive online presence that matches your brand.
    4. Have you thought about the different vertical TLDs? Vertical TLDs like .casino or .tech, etc., can add uniqueness to your brand. In 2023, Google announced the availability of eight new Top Level Domains, including ones that are valuable for law firms and dads. Think about how your brand sits in the market and how a vertical TLD could bolster it.
    5. What are the most common spelling mistakes around the brand name? This is one of the most overlooked aspects when a brand is created. If you are global, you must consider the brand name in different languages and how the brand is spelled. Marketing probably doesn’t look at this because they aren’t thinking about domains. A good exercise is to ask ten company employees from different nationalities to spell the brand name and look at it in other languages. Or, to make it easier, you can tell Okens to create a domain strategy that identifies what they are typing and then secure the right domain for you, including alternative spelling domains so you don’t miss any traffic to your site.
    6. If you were impersonating your brand, what domain would you use? Domain impersonation is a common phishing technique involving attackers creating “legitimate” “-looking email domains to impersonate specific companies, organizations, or individuals. This is done with the intention of tricking users into giving away personal or sensitive information, data, or money by posing as a trusted figure. This is a great exercise to take before the brand goes live. It helps you create a strong domain strategy before the brand launches so you can eliminate domain impersonation at the start.
    7. Can you trademark the brand to add protection? Trademarking the brand helps you protect your global brand, including your domain. You can also trademark your domain name, which protects your brand if someone uses your trademarked name. Trademarking your domain name gives you legal protection, which provides you with legal justification to bring suit against the other company and recover financial losses.

Reach out to Alexander Kucherenko or Greta Simanauskiene today, and they can help you create the best domain strategy to protect your domain, brand and business. 


Domain Renewal

Renew It Or Lose It

You know the story. You want a domain. You buy a domain. Just pull out your credit card, and €60 later, you have a global domain. Done. You’re up and running. Your site looks great. Visitors are click, click, clicking. Everyone is happy and time marches on. Then, one morning things turn for the worse. Your domain is being used by another company. All your traffic is going to a new site, and your customers are finding themselves on a site that has no relationship to your brand and is so far from your product offering you’re bordering on massive revenue loss. What happened? Your domain expired and someone else took it. 

If you don’t think it can happen to you, let’s look at the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Association (MVA). The MVA used the site www.starspangled200.org to commemorate the War of 1812 on its state license plates between 2012 and 2016. The site www.starspangled200.org was designed and owned by the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission in 2007 to raise funds for bicentennial projects and events. But somewhere between 2016, the domain stopped being about the history of the War of 1812 and started being about online casinos in the Philippines. 

A March 2023 Vice article reported that close to 800,000 drivers in Maryland have the starspangled200.org on their license plates. But what they did not know was that over that period of time, that starspangled website stopped being about the War of 1812 and became a website for an online casino in the Philippines at https://www.globeinternational.info/

The article notes that the domain registration information on starspangled200.org had been re-registered and transferred a number of times in the past several years. Today, starspangled.org goes directly to the MVA website and Maryland drivers can safely resume driving without advertising a casino.

How does it affect you? The MVA situation seems an issue that no one would overlook, but it happens. A domain expires, no one renews it and another company takes it over. 

This shows the importance of renewals and the attention that needs to be taken by both the domain user and the registrar company. So, here are four easy steps to prevent your domain from being lost to someone else. 

  • Turn on auto-renew on all your domains
  • Get a gap analysis with Okens on all your domains to find your domain risks
  • Ensure you have worldwide coverage for your domain so no domains are exposed to hackers or thiefs
  • Create a domain line of credit to ensure all your domains renew and are paid for at the same time 

For more information on auto-renew and a domain line of credit, visit Okens 


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